Nobody wants to crash a car. First of all, it always happens at the wrong time: when you are preparing to leave for an urgent appointment, before a long trip or a Monday morning before starting your work week. Unfortunately, too few people have the good idea to have ...

Recharging the battery of your car: how to start a flat battery?

No one has want to break down car. First of all, it always happens at the wrong time: when you are preparing to leave for an urgent appointment, before a long trip or a Monday morning before starting your work week.

Unfortunately, too few people have the good idea to have "claws" in their car trunk and, among those who have thought about it, too few know to serve. On which part of the battery is the red clip placed? And the black clip? No, you're not out yet ... and you may still be a few hours on this damn parking place where your car broke down.

Reassure yourself, we'll explain everything in this article, at the end of your reading ... you'll know where to put the red clip, we promise you.

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What is the battery of a car for?

Let's start with the big basics. The battery of your car is perhaps the most important element to the extent that it is absolutely necessary. You can ride without mirrors, but you can not drive without a battery.

In short, it is used to start your car and provide energy for all electrical and electronic components of your coach: headlights, lights, windows or the radio.

What's the talk about the drums?

That's pretty good news: the battery of your car requires a rather light maintenance and you do not need to call a professional (the garage sells them with labels where it is marked "maintenance free").

You'll have to take care of it by paying attention to certain things: do not leave the headlights on when you're not in your car, do not leave it outside when big periods of cold (same thing for the hot weather) and do not leave it too long idle (unplug the negative pod on the battery before traveling without your car). You should also pay attention if it shows signs of weakness. These are usually indicated by a light on your dashboard.

What to do if the battery shows signs of weakness?

Be careful though: you do not have to change your battery each time the LED goes on.

Have a doubt? Use a Voltmeter (red clip on the positive symbol of the battery, black clip on the negative symbol) and measure the Volts. If the number displayed is less than 12.5, then the battery is empty and you will need to recharge it. If the number is higher, then it is not the battery that has a problem. Indeed, sometimes it is not the battery but rather the alternator that allows recharging is in question.

Also, if the battery terminals are oxidized, you can clean them by scrubbing them with a wire brush or sandpaper.

The battery is not charging? It is probably defective and you will have to change it.As a rule, the life of a battery varies between 3 and 10 years. The price varies between 80 and 100 euros. Some exceptional batteries can cost up to 200 euros.

Depending on the solutions, garage rates and specifications can vary significantly. It is therefore important to compare the prices and, above all, the quality of the service provided by the mechanics who are next to you.

Beyond the price, you will have to pay attention to other parameters when you choose your new battery: it must be compatible with the model of your vehicle, you must pay attention to the nominal voltage, the capacity and starting power, the height and the length of the battery ( all this information is on the label that is stuck on the battery). Finally, you will have to pay attention to the position of the terminals. How to spot them? In general, the positive terminal is a little larger than the negative terminal, conical.

How to restart a flat car? Can you do it yourself?

First, you have to do it yourself to reassure you: you are not the first or the last to whom this happens. This is an unfortunate situation but there are several solutions.

You have no tools or accessories around you? Do not despair. You can start in second gear. If you have someone nearby, ask him to push your car ... until you get a little speed.

At that moment, engage, go in second and gradually release the clutch. The engine should start. If you do not have anyone nearby, get on a slope ... and go down!

The best situation, however, is that of the driver which has "clips" (jumper cables) and another car nearby. You have to start with both engines completely off. Connect the clamps (red clamp on the positive symbol of the battery, black clamp on the negative symbol, again). Start the engine of the vehicle that comes to your aid (yes, you can not start the engine of the other vehicle, since it is yours and you have no battery) then try to start your vehicle.

Your battery is working again? We advise you to drive at least thirty kilometers before turning off your engine again. Indeed, your battery will recharge gradually as and when kilometers. If you want to be cautious, you can also choose to go home and recharge the battery with a charger. You are advised to slowly charge a battery (10 hours), setting the charger to only one tenth of the battery capacity. The battery life will tell you thank you.

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