Wondering what is the booster pump for your car and how to make sure it works? You have to replace or repair it and you wonder what is the price of this change in garage? Captain-Drive.com tells you more! By reading this article, you learn in ...

What is the price of changing a booster pump?

Are you wondering to what is the booster pump for your car and how to make sure it works properly? You need to replace or repair it and you wonder what the price of this change garage?

Captain-Drive.com tells you more! By reading this article, you learn in which situations it becomes necessary to perform a check, get valuable information on the rates of this setting and take advantage of our advice to benefit from the most advantageous quotes x.

What is a booster pump for a car and what does it serve?

Definition of the booster pump

Sometimes called a fuel pump or submerged pump on a petrol engine, the booster pump is an essential part for the proper functioning of a diesel engine.

Directly installed in the upper part of the tank, its main role is to send low pressure fuel to the engine , which is often located far enough from the tank. On a car, the booster pump is connected through a specific circuit to the high pressure injection pump, the computer and the battery of your car.

Did you know? On a motorcycle, the problem of the booster pump does not arise. The tank is located above the engine, the simple force of gravity is enough to convey the fuel!

The mission of this auto part

The booster pump takes always in the form of an electric pump, usually powered by a 12-volt electric circuit that only works when the engine is running.

Its mission is easy to understand: via a system of rollers, the pump draws fuel to send it to the high pressure injector . A valve and a regulator make it possible to regulate the discharge pressure of the fuel, so that the latter never exceeds a certain threshold.

The pressure at the pump outlet is defined by each manufacturer and may vary depending on the vehicle. However, it is generally around 3 bars.

Whatever the engine speed, the booster pump delivers a constant amount of fuel. The pressure is thus always stable throughout the circuit. At the end of the latter, a high-pressure pump generates, via the common rail, the pressure necessary for the proper functioning of the injectors (from 200 to 1500 bars on average depending on the models).

What are the symptoms that show that it is HS?

The booster pump is rarely a problem . This is indeed a relatively simple equipment, which resists in this way well in the course of time. Naturally lubricated by fuel, it does not require any special maintenance . It is actually the electric motor or the pressure regulator that most malfunctions occur.

Early wear of the booster pump results in various symptoms that you will have no trouble identifying. . It could for example be:

  • Unexpected stops of the engine.
  • Forced reboots, especially in hill.
  • From to -coups more frequent than usual.
  • Inability to start the vehicle, in the most severe cases.
  • Unusual noise or noise. whistling from the tank.

Once the engine is started, the injection pump is usually enough to suck fuel, which can hide a number of problems.If the symptoms are mild for the moment and do not stop you from walking, their aggravation could be disabling. Nobody likes to have a breakdown on the way to work or, worse, on the way to their holiday destination!

Entrusting your car to a technician will help you identify the cause of the failure and take advantage of routine checks, including:

  • Control hydraulic : it is necessary to rule out the hypothesis of a defective pressure regulator. It is then the flow that is measured and compared to the characteristics initially planned by the manufacturer.
  • The pressure control : using a pressure gauge, the pressure of service will be checked.
  • The electrical control : it will make sure that the + and - power supplies are working at the tank inlet.

Did you know? Some cars do not have a booster pump. It is then a mechanical transfer pump that is responsible for sucking fuel from the tank to the engine. If you are unsure of your equipment, please refer to the technical documentation of your vehicle!

How much does it cost to change this car part?

When it comes to auto repair, we can not help advising you to request more quotes . At equal service, the rates charged by garage owners are likely to vary greatly. Your car is already a major expense item. As much as possible to reduce the costs!

Rest assured, the replacement of your booster pump should not induce expenses too heavy to bear. If prices fluctuate depending on the manufacturer or model, a new fuel pump usually costs between € 70 and € 200 .

Different specialists can be called upon to replace the pump. These include official dealerships, neighborhood garages, automotive suppliers and specialized websites.

Be careful! Sometimes replacing the booster pump will require the total removal of your tank. In order to properly estimate expenses, additional labor costs will have to be taken into account.

A quote in real time?

Captain-Drive offers the possibility to directly simulate a price estimate according to your model of car, via our tool quote. To benefit from the best price, do not hesitate to visit our dedicated page.