Have you ever had a flat battery? Without the possibility of being able to restart your car without the help of the clips of another motorist? This nightmare is over with the car battery booster. Also known as a booster booster, this tool is used to power your battery to be able to reuse your car on ...

Best auto battery booster: which one to choose for your car?

You've already been with ? Without the possibility of being able to restart your car without the help of another driver's claws?

This nightmare is over with the car battery booster . Also called boot booster, this tool can power your battery to reuse your car time to go to the garage.

Captain-Drive.com tells you more on this essential solution, on the criteria of choice to take into account and you selected the best battery boosters available on the market.

Comparative of the best boosters of battery in 1 look for 2019

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NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1.000A 12V lithium ultra ...
Suaoki T10 12000mAh 400A Jump Starter Starter. ..

A booster booster, how does it work?

A booster booster, or booster booster, is a stand-alone device that can start a car that has run out of battery .Just open the hood and connect the clamps to the positive and negative terminals of the battery to inject enough energy to start the vehicle.

Caution : If your battery is too worn, the booster will have no effect. You will be forced to change it.

Battery Booster Types

Standard Booster

The Standard Booster is the Model the oldest. It has the advantage of being multifunctional and some devices can illuminate or inflate thanks to their integrated compressor and manometer. There are even some that plug a conventional 230V power outlet.

However, this model also has some disadvantages. Its main drawbacks are heavy , sometimes as much as a car battery, and having a imposing size.

It is also necessary to be vigilant about the quality of the built-in battery. Indeed, it can be discharged very quickly, especially in cold weather, and become unusable at the desired time. We must remember to recharge it regularly so that it is always operational. The lead booster is more expensive than the lithium booster.

Lithium Booster

Since the appearance of the first boosters, the progress in terms of battery have developed lithium boosters . They are more compact , light and very powerful .

Thanks to their featherweight and small size, they can be stored anywhere in the car. They do not require much maintenance and are offered at affordable prices .

Like standard boosters, lithium boosters have their limits . If your car's battery is too worn, they will not allow your vehicle to start. It will then change your battery to start from scratch.

The advantages of a car battery booster

  • The booster can be used anywhere thanks to its internal battery and LED lamps
  • It is very easy to use and efficient
  • It can be used as a portable power source for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices connected by USB
  • Compact models can be easily stored in the car

Choice criteria

Value for money:

There is no point in spending a large sum if the booster does not match your vehicle or your expectations. In the same way, it is necessary to know to invest when it is necessary. It is therefore important to inquire about the price/quality ratio of the product.

Its power:

It is essential to choose your booster according to the model of his car. Whether it is gasoline or diesel, each vehicle has its specificities and they must be taken into account for the booster to have optimum efficiency.

Its functions:

The booster is a device that, in principle, is not used every day. The other functions available to it can be an important criterion for triggering a purchase. Learn about the different uses that are available to you.

Its autonomy:

The autonomy of internal batteries varies from one model to another. another. Depending on your vehicle and the use you make of it, it is essential to choose the right product.

Its size and weight:

Some models are more bulky and heavy, like lead boosters.

  • 【A load for startup 30 times】: A single charge, it can provide the ...
  • 【Multifunctional charge】: The power output is 5V/1A, 5V/2A ...
  • 【High security】: Adopted rare earth materials, which possesses the ...
  • 【Powerful system of 】 LED lighting】: General lighting, flash burst ...
  • 【Package Contents】: 1 x Car Tacklife T6 Start; 1 x Carry Bag ...

The booster Tacklife T6 is a lithium booster, very powerful, whose charge lasts in time, and compact, this which will allow you to store it easily in your car. In case of transport, you can use the kit that is provided to have all the tools at hand.

  • Two USB ports for fast charging and energy-saving charging
  • A robust transport bag
  • Compact, it does not take up space in your vehicle
  • It can be used in the dark thanks to the three LED flashlights embedded
The disadvantages
  • It is not suitable for all vehicles
  • It has a limited shelf life
  • An unpleasant smell can be unpacked

# 2 - The most powerful: Noco GB40

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1.000A 12V ultra-secure lithium ...
  • Start up exhausted batteries with a compact lithium battery charger but ...
  • Connect to any battery safely with our ...
  • An integrated LED flashlight with seven lighting modes: SOS low, ...
  • Recharge smartphones, tablets and other USB devices in case of. ..
  • Start an exhausted battery safely in a few seconds on the ...

The booster NOCO GB40 is suitable for gasoline vehicles up to at 6L and diesel up to 3L. It can instantly start most engines, up to 20 times on a single charge.

  • HIGH CAPACITY: the 12000mAh battery and 400A peak current is capable of ...
  • 2 USB PORTS: has 2 USB multifunction outputs to charge and use ...
  • 3 LAMP MODES LED: strong/strobe/SOS Modes all in a flashlight ...
  • SAFETY PROTECTION: no overheating, overcurrent, overload and short ...
  • PORTABLE and DURABLE: the small size of the device allows it to fit in the ...

The Suaoki T10 has many qualities that make it a very good battery booster. Small and light, its affordable price makes it particularly attractive. It will allow you to boost both the battery of your vehicle and your electronic devices thanks to its two USB ports. It also has a three-position LED lamp that will help you intervene in the dark.

The advantages
  • It is small and light
  • The price is affordable and one of the least high of the market
  • An LED lamp is integrated
  • It is multifunctional
The disadvantages
  • Il n ' is not suitable for all vehicles
  • It does not have the same power as a high quality booster
  • The instructions are approximate in French

Where to buy a car booster booster?

You can buy a booster booster in a car center, online stores but also in some big box stores.

If you need advice specific to your vehicle, we advise you to go to a car center. Professionals will be able to answer your questions in more detail.