Captain-Drive explains how to purchase your car insurance online and offers you a comparison of different offers on the market!

Auto Insurance: compare prices online

At CaptainDrive, our goal is to make your life easier with your car. Today, we are tackling auto insurance , an expensive, time-consuming and especially difficult step after buying your car.

In France, since 1958 each car must be insured. It is therefore important for you to find a successful insurance company and choose the type of insurance that best suits you to drive safely and at the best price.

What type of insurance to choose ?

Several types of auto insurance exist in France. The best known and the most standard is probably third party insurance. This insurance is the most basic, it covers only the physical and material damage you have caused to a third party. Some options can be added to this insurance but it will never cover theft, damage caused by an accident (even if you are not responsible), vandalism or damage caused by a natural disaster.

If you want to cover your car more completely, opt for all-risk insurance. More expensive but more complete, this insurance will allow you to add cover options such as theft, degradation or specific breakdowns.

What to do in case of accident, breakdown or damage?

Did you have a problem with your car? Your car insurance is here to help you! So the first thing to do is to call her to ask her what level of coverage she has for the problem in question.

Depending on the type of accident or breakdown, the insurance will direct you to an authorized partner who can help you out.

Malus/Bonus: what is it?

The Bonus/Malus is a weighting index of the price of insurance . In short, if you have never had any road accidents, you will get a bonus and pay less for your insurance. If it's the opposite, a penalty will be assigned to you and you will pay more for your insurance every month or quarter.

Auto insurance, how much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of insurance taken, the car model and the options chosen. To get an idea of ​​the price for a desired level of security benefits, you can consult the websites of auto insurance comparatives below.

Comparative car insurance: which one to use?

Dozens of comparative auto insurance exist on the web. These websites offer Internet users the opportunity to compare the price of an insurance policy for their vehicle according to several criteria: type of insurance (third-party or all-risks), the number of kilometers traveled, the type of car, the particular situations ( young driver for example).

After completing the form, you receive several insurance company quotes that include different options. It's now up to you!

For us, the best insurance comparison sites are Hyperassur and Assurland. Other sites like The Lynx or The Ferrets are also to be tested to find the best price. In any case, you will be more likely to find lower prices than a physical agency.

Live car insurance

Several insurance companies can subscribe directly on their website for benefits and discounts. This is the case, for example, with Direct Assurance, the leader in online car insurance. The prices are quite competitive, so do not hesitate to do a simulation to find the best price for your car insurance.

Cancel your car insurance?

French law allows the cancellation of auto insurance? Yes !